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Sunday, April 4, 2010

11am Master Class with Marv Newland

School of Visual Arts (SOVA), 3rd and Queen FREE!

Paint Stained Laps
The Secret World of 20th/21st Century
2D Animation Production

Images from early International Rocketship productions up to recent productions showing how their films are made along with some historical photos of crew members, the different studio situations and related foolishness. Screenings of finished and in production films (including Sing Beast Sing) will be featured in this in depth and interactive look at the world of a traditional animation studio. Marv will also demonstrate the reshooting of a sequence form his new film POSTALOLIO.

Marv Newland began a career making animated motion pictures in Los Angeles with the creation of the short Bambi Meets Godzilla (1969). He then designed and animated television commercials until late 1970 when he moved to Toronto, Canada.

While in Toronto (1970-1972) he designed, directed and animated television commercials for Sesame Street and Educational Television, and segments for longer films. Newland was also one of two designers and storyboard artists on the Cinera Productions cartoon Super Joe (1971). He was a storyboard designer on an unemployment insurance film at Crawley Films in Ottawa, and created designs and layouts for TV commercials for Phos-Cine Productions in New York.

In late 1972 Newland moved to Vancouver, Canada. He spent two years freelancing for local animated film production companies, as well as animation companies in Chicago and Los Angeles. In 1973 Newland created storyboards for the animated television series Barbapapa while at Toonder Studios in Holland.

In 1975 Newland founded the animated film production company International Rocketship Limited in Vancouver. At Rocketship he produced and directed numerous animated short films including: Sing Beast Sing (1980), Anijam (1984), Hooray for Sandbox Land (1984). The company also produced short animated films for other directors such as Danny Antonucci (Lupo the Butcher, 1986), and J. Falconer (Dog Brain, 1988). Newland also designed and directed the National Film Board of Canada vignette, Bill Miner (1978).

Rocketship also produced TV commercials for MTV, YTV, Nickelodeon and Locomotion, pilots for series, and two longer films; Gary Larson’s Tales From the Far Side (1994) and a sequel in 1996. The first of these productions won the Grande Prix at the Annecy International Animation Festival in 1996.

Outside of Rocketship, Newland has freelanced for other animation companies. This work includes directing episodes of the 3D stop motion series, The PJ’s, for Will Vinton Studios in Portland, Oregon; The Preacher’s Life (1999); Fear of a Black Rat (1999); and Let’s Get Ready to Rumba (2001). Newland also created story boards for the Montreal and Vancouver studios of the National Film Board of Canada (1999-2000).

In 2001 Newland produced three animated films by two other directors; Friday Night Idiot Box by Bruce Wilson, and Explodium and My Friend Max by Peter MacAdams. Newland is currently animating his short film, Scratchy and has completed production of POSTALOLIO (2008), a 2D animated film in which all of the drawings have been hand painted onto postcards and sent through the mail prior to becoming part of POSTALOLIO. Every frame of animation has traveled through the international post prior to becoming part of this film. All of these are International Rocketship Productions.

Marv’s latest film, POSTALOLIO screens Saturday night at 9:30pm.

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Bead Art

Kate Crocker, Yukon Youth, 2009, Animation, 1
A stop-motion design using beads.

Joyce Majiski, Yukon, 2009, Animation, 2
This animation combines layers of scanned artwork, video footage and drawings. The rich imagery takes you through wildlife migrations on land, air and water.

Pom Poms and Bells

Erika Tizya-Ttramm, Yukon, 2010, Documentary, 5:51
A film about dogsleds in Old Crow, Yukon and how it has changed over time. A female musher shares her experiences and we see that change is a natural process but the necessity of getting out on the land remains the same.

A Mid-summer’s Dream
Jack Amos, Yukon Youth, 2009, Animation, 2
A puppet play with words and music by Jack Amos.

Little John Country

Max Fraser, Yukon, 2009, Documentary, 11
Discovery of ancient human remains, the oldest in Canada, links aboriginal past and present; the ‘Little John’ site near Beaver Creek Yukon and the Upper Tanana people.

Northern News

Stephanie & Sierra-Storm McIsaac
Yukon Youth, 2009, Documentary, 3:49

A mockumentary made by Yukon Youth to raise awareness about climate change.

Untold Stories of Sammy Smalls, Pt.1
Edward Westerhuis, Yukon, 2009, Animation, 1:11
Before her job at big Apple Food Town, Sammy Smalls worked part-time at Circle K. This animation is comprised of 130 conte charcoal drawings.


Jessica Viens, Yukon, 2009, Experimental, 10:46
A young women begins to go mentally insane. She thinks it is caused by a spirit of insanity and searches out to destroy it.

The Toy Movie
Tess Crocker, Yukon Youth, 2009, Animation, 1
A collage of toy piece s by 4 year old Tess.

Lloyd Ziff Photographer
Graham Wilson, Yukon, 2009, Documentary, 7
When Llyod Ziff, a former Art Director at prestigious magazines such as Vanity Fair, House & Garden and Travel & Leisure, travels to Alaska and the Yukon he is not prepared for the vastness of the landscape.

Cheese Louise and Mr. Fungles
Keenan Davis & Oliver Flegel, Yukon Youth, 2009, Animation, 1
There was Mr. Fungles and he met this strange character. and this strange character was named Cheese Louise.

Dorothy Frost, Yukon, 2010, Documentary, 5:33
Survival, when did it become my responsibility? A Gwich'in woman's story, a journey of strength, love and beauty for her children and grandchildren. Just in Case!

Brain Blinking
Sophie Fuldauer, Yukon, 2010, Experimental, 2
Demonstration of the brain by a tree.

Grimm Reality

Maureen Abbott, Yukon, 2010, Comedy, 27
Five female fairy tale characters are going to group therapy because they are not living “Happily Ever After”. They discover they have all become what they tried to avoid.

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3:30pm Frankensteining Film:
Salvaging the Footage of Films Gone Wrong FREE!

KIAC Artist in Residence Karen Hines


They say planning is key in the success of any films ... but what happens when you plan badly? Or your plans fail? Or when accidents happen? Using footage from her own short films (and a few sneak peeks at others where she was behind the scenes), Karen presents excerpts from what might be classified as “salvage projects.” By describing what was “supposed to happen” and showing what actually did happen, she will demonstrate how possible it is to create something new instead of just throwing in the towel, through these “Frankensteined films” that went on to live full and happy lives.

Karen Hines is a writer, director and performer in theatre, television and film whose short films have travelled the globe. She co-directed, with Ms. Lulu Keating, the 2009 MITY Second Prize-winner, DOG=GOD which has since gone on to numerous festivals around the country, despite being partially cut with discarded scraps of film from a “failed” shoot on Manitoulin Island. Her directorial debut short My Name is Pochsy: An Industrial Film won the prized Lodestar Award at DCISFF in 2008, as well as six subsequent prizes internationally, despite the loss of metres of footage and the finished product being nothing like what she planned.

Karen’s latest film A TAX ON POCHSY is screening on Sunday evening at 8pm

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All Systems Go, Neil Armstrong

Robert Dohrmann, USA, 2009, Experimental, 3
A mysterious oblong television set is your personal guide through outer space as it guides us through a series of animated scenes. Along the way, this guide presents a number of downsized robots, whose purpose and functions are unknown.


Miguel Gabaldón, Spain, 2009, Drama, 11
Arturo and Manuel meet again after not seeing each other for several years. They spend a night together with Madrid as the background.

Northwest Nobody
Tamara Voudrach and Jade English,
NWT Youth, 2009, Drama, 12

Boy has a bad life. Boy likes pretty girl. Girl could care less.

Di Me Que Yo
Mateo Gil, Spain, 2009, Drama, 15
HE and SHE meet exactly at the same time they break up with their own couples... Is it possible for two strangers to begin a conversation full of recriminations, arguing until they get hoarse, and passionately reconcile as if they were a couple in the end?

Film-Landscape-People: an Exquisite Corpse

Marcia Connolly & Angela Joosse
Ontario, 2009, Experimental, 3

Exquisite Corpse: 100ft of film, exposed three times and hand-processed in one day. This in-camera triptych documents the landscape, people and filmmaking process at Phil Hoffman’s legendary experimental film camp.

Bee Man
Robert Lendrum, Morris Lum, Drew Ferguson
Ontario, 2008, Documentary, 11

Robert Ireland’s relationships are multi-faceted and complex. His family has kept bees for three generations, he practices apitherapy, he was attacked by killer bees and he eats them to balance his immune system. Not only are bees his livelihood, they keep him alive.

Jamie Lea Miller & Josphine O’Brien, Yukon Youth, 2009, Documentary, 6
Rise is a powerful film that uses moving personal testimony to speak out against violence against women.

Still Light

Jeff Winch, Ontario, 2008, Experimental, 4:28
A pregnant moment from Hitchcock’s Vertigo triggers this haunting exploration of lineage, memory, and loss. Using a combination of 16mm and Super 8, Still Light journeys through a forest of old photographs, shadowed by the ethereal voice of Kim Novak.

La Tonsure

Marie-Pier Ottawa, Quebec, 2009, Documentary, 3:50
One stormy day. A simple gesture that reminds of the past. A shocking film.

Magaret’s Mountain
Elisabeth Beliveau, Quebec, 2009, Animation, 13
In the stop-motion world of Magaret’s Mountain, a cast of disparate characters congregate to conjure memories of love, longing and loss. Here, animated imagery and text bend towards the ineffable, the poetic and the surreal.


Brent Beath, USA, 2009, Comedy, 13
Angel or devil? You never know who you’ll meet in the parking lot of a Kentucky Fried Chicken!


Intergalactic Who’s Who: Episode 4
Kevin D.A. Kurytnik & Carol Beecher, Alberta, 2008, Animation, 1:30
The Vegetation of Zig 5

Patrick Bergeron, Quebec, 2009, Experimental, 5
Using animation, sounds warping and time shifts this video runs forwards and backwards looking for forgotten details, mimicking the way memories are replayed in the mind. LoopLoop is made from a sequence captured in a train going to Hanoi in Vietnam. The 1000 images of this sequence have been stitched into one long panoramic image.

Shi Shi Etko
Kate Kroll, BC, 2009, Drama, 9
Shi-shi-etko follows a six year-old Native girl in her last four days before she is taken to residential school. Each day she spends with a family member, each of whom reminds her of the importance of remembering who she is.

Migrating Patterns

Katherine Berger, Australia/Yukon, 2009, Experimental, 4
By scratching, bleaching, dyeing, painting and re-imagining, an old educational film morphs into an ethereal story about three young brothers discovering the magical world of butterflies.
Winner of the 2010 KIAC 48 Hour Film Challenge.

Benedizione delle Bestie
Paul Zinder, Italy, 2009, Documentary, 8:40
Benedizione delle Bestie (Benediction of the Beasts) depicts an annual gathering in Rome’s most derelict neighborhood where man, beast, and priest participate in an ancient rite.

Eye of the Storm
Mike Yuhasz, Ontario, 2009, Experimental, 3
Reflective and idiosyncratic, the short split screen video disrupts the linear description of time and space while exploring an internal vision of “Place and Mind”.

Keao (The Light)

Emily Anne Kaliko Spenser, USA, 2008, Drama, 10
Ancient and modern rituals of Hawaiian culture are challenged when a young woman reflects on their purpose in this visually stunning and poignant piece about the misappropriation of tradition.

A Tax on Pochsy

Karen Hines, Alberta, 2009, Comedy, 18
Set in a creepy waiting room at an audit from hell, our guilty little heroine awaits the Tax Man’s wrath in this award-winning black comedy.

Félix Lajeunesse & Paul Raphaël, Nunavut, 2009, Drama, 7
A thought-provoking meditation on the seal-hunt and what it means to the traditional way of life for Inuit. Starring internationally renowned throat singer Tanya Tagaq, and Cannes-winning filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk (Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner), Tungijuq is an expression of the organic and indisputable reality of hunting in Inuit culture.

Poi Dogs
Joel Moffett, USA, 2009, Comedy, 12
Poi Dogs is the story of two local Hawaii teenagers who take a small step towards love by moving beyond their desires to act cool.

Sluice Box and a Rocker

Deco Dawson, Manitoba, 2009, Experimental, 8
Ghostly images of Dawson City’s Gold Rush heyday in the Yukon — along with audio testimony and music from Arvo Part — make up this haunting non-fiction short.

Rez Kat Skat
Duane Gastant’ Aucoin, Yukon, 2010, Skat, 4
What’s it like being a Rez Kat in a Rez Dawg World?
Chi-Chi sings it only like a Rez Kat can!

9:30 pm FREE

Awards and Video Dance Party

Join us for a drink and some snacks as we present the
2010 Dawson City International Short Film Festival Awards.
The Made In The Yukon (MITY) Awards
(Professional, Emerging Artists and Youth),
The Audience Favorite and the
Lodestar Award for the Best of the Fest!

Then hang around for some post-festival chatter and dance to music videos on the big screen!

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