2023 Program
Festival April 6-9

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All events take place AT KIAC/DËnËKÄR ZHO unless otherwise noted.

Some films may contain content not suitable for all audiences. Please read the program carefully.
Please feel free to wear a mask at any of our venues.

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An outdoor projection loop on the Princess Street side of KIAC/DËnËkÄr Zho running after sunset each night.

the universe at home explores human identity at a microscopic scale. This video comes from questions about where a person ends. Do we end at our body’s surface? Or do we extend beyond our skin?

the universe at home uses everyday materials to visualize the blending of human microbiomes in daily life. Similar materials to those in this video have been used in the past by the film industry to create cosmic imagery. the universe at home explores a much closer landscape.


In this looping video I explored the depths of rendering eyes using AI image generation. By recursively generating 100 different eyes I wanted to explore if and how the dataset being referenced would exhaust itself or start repeating. The eyes were then substituted for my original eye and presented as various pairs of eyes.

Watching the video can be unsettling as the viewer’s gaze is constantly drawn around the screen as eyes open and close. As humans we are drawn to eyes and can’t help but look as each one reveals itself. We are also attracted to patterns - trying to find the pattern in this video can be frustrating and elusive.

A video poem.


Thanks to ORO Enterprises for hanging the screen!


for the projection room!


in the alcove

VR installation at the back of the ballroom. open between screenings
Jonny klynkramer, YT

DREDGE11(retrograde) is an immersive virtual reality experience designed by J/KLYNK, an experimental filmmaker, digital media artist & music producer living and working on the traditional and contemporary territory of the Tr’ondëk Hwëchin in Dawson City, Yukon. Their work examines the dichotomies of nature/technology, digital/analog and generation/de-generation with an eye towards liminal spaces. DREDGE11(retrograde) is the culmination of a year’s-worth of learning and experiments with new technologies and techniques, including visual programming, generative video, VR design, 3D modelling, photogrammetry, phytogrammetry, modular synthesis and artificial intelligence. The piece explores the liminal nature of the Klondike Goldfields, encapsulated by a burned-out and decaying Dredge #11, presented as an explorable and manipulable object in a 4-dimensional space, interwoven with aspects of artificial intelligence and plant-generated celluloid motifs. The soundtrack to the whole experience is a generative and constantly evolving piece composed by J/KLYNK using digital modular synthesis. This project is supported by the Yukon Government’s Advanced Artist Award and the Klondike Institute of Art & Culture.


Thursday, April 6th

7:30PM screening

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KIRSTEN KC CARTHEW, Yukon/NWT, 90m, drama

A young girl raised by a polar bear pursues her destiny after escaping capture by brutal warriors intent on killing her mother.

Set in 2101, against the backdrop of a subarctic wasteland, SUMI, a human-child raised by a POLAR BEAR, narrowly escapes capture from a brutal MORAD hunting party. When Sumi stumbles across FROZEN GIRL, an unlikely friendship is forged. Together they race ahead of the vindictive hunters towards the only guiding light Sumi knows, the POLARIS star.

Content Advisory: Scenes of violence

Producer Max Fraser will be in attendance to introduce
and host a Q&A after the screening


Friday, April 7

1-4pm workshop

hands-on SuPER 8
Cameras and eco-processing

Session 1 (Free)

This workshop will go over the basics of Super 8 cameras, a brief history, types of film, how to use the camera, and a work flow of eco-processing and how to make and use a plant/caffenol developer. Participants will be given time to handle the camera and practing loading and unloading. The group will shoot a test roll. The workshop will also feature the use of the Wolverine transfre machine, which converts Super8 film into digital files.

Session 2 : April 15th

Participants that will be around Dawson City past the film festival dates will be able to take out a camera and shoot a roll of film.
They will then hand process it in KIACs darkroom and digitally transfer the film.
(Cost for Session 2: $75, includes 1 rioll of film and all necesary material to process and transfer the film)

Brittney Appleby

(she/they) is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker with a primary focus in experimental analogue film and photo techniques. Brittney draws inspiration from nature by creating botanical cyanotypes and using plant based eco-developers to process film. Other common themes Brittney explores in their work are the body, chronic illness, nostalgia and queer identity.

4pm opening reception

Join us for some refreshments and appies and enjoy the opening of our video installation.
3 works that originated on analogue film.

Reception sponsored by

The gallery will also be open
Saturday 4-6 pm and Sunday 5-7 pm
Todd Fraser, New Brunswick, 2m

Fantastic pinholes images attempt to conjure up a couple of things you just don’t see anymore today.

K.J. Edwards, Bristish Columbia, 5m

istén:’a (mother) is a poetic retelling of a visit from the artist’s mother Beatrice in dream space. This film reflects on dreams as a meeting place where we can communicate with our loved ones, who we remain tethered to, even though we may be distanced by our material reality. Formats: 16mm footage shot on a bolex camera then scanned, along with digital footage shot on an Iphone.

Deep 2
Philip Hoffman, Ontario, 15m

Filmed over 2 years (2020-2022), at home and away, Deep 2 is a diaristic meditation, flower/plant processed and decayed with hyacinth and lichen extract. Winged and four legged animals, both wild and domestic, traverse the frame marked by a hand-made practice. Filmed in Mount Forest, Ontario and Dawson City, Yukon.
Phil Hoffman, Todd Fraser and Kathleen Edwards were all participants in the 2023 Dawson City Film Lab.

6pm screening | YUKON & beyond

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The Fire Dancer
Agnieszka Pajor, Lancelot Burton, Yukon, Documentary, 4m
Audrey Gallibois transforms into a fearless fire deity, delicately balancing her feminine beauty, passion, and the dangerous art of flowing fire just a hair’s breadth away from what most people would consider safe.
a world without ants
Suzanne Crocker, Yukon, Documentary, 4m
Using hand processed film developed with foraged Yukon plants, the director contemplates the purpose of ants.
Zeb’s Spider
Alicia Eisen, Sophie Jarvis, Canada, Animation, 10m
When the superstitious Zeb finds a spider in her apartment, she must do everything in her power to keep the unwanted guest’s appetite satisfied, or risk being eaten herself. This stop-motion cautionary tale examines the discomfort of the human experience when a superstitious outlook becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Nicole Rayburn, Yukon, Non-narrative, 2m
This is a story about the time I almost became a flamingo
Joel Penner, Anna Sigrithur, Manitoba, Documentary, 19m
With time lapse videography of rotting in action, Wrought creates an intimate, immersive world where decay can be beautiful, tender and even surprisingly human.
Hello, World
Jonny Klynkramer, Yukon, Non-narrative, 4m
Exploration of liminality and artificial intelligence through a single surreal landscape and dream-like sequence.
The Great Kind Mystery
Ella Morton, Ontario, Documentary, 16m
Inuk and Mi’kmaw artist Amy Hull tells stories about growing up in Daniel’s Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada. Her words are illustrated by altered Super 8 and 16mm footage of Newfoundland landscapes, where the distortion of the celluloid film reflects the wonder and nostalgia of her relationship with the land.
Cud Eastbound, Yukon, Narrative, 4m
Searching for...
Dawson Defrosted: The 2nd great Film Find
Unknown, Canada, Documentary, 5m
A recent discovery of footage from a lost time in Dawson is revealed to the public for the first time.

8:30PM screening | UP RIVER

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flAp squish
Chantal Rousseau, Ontario, Animation, 2m
A portrait of a region told through seabirds and snack foods, inspired by Newfoundland and the Gaspésie. The animation style mixes hand-painted imagery with the language and structure of GIFs – clunkiness, economy, and a resistance to the seamless illusionism of other forms of animation.
THE future Innu
StÉphane Nepton, Quebec, Documentary, 4m
An ode to the land in relation to my double identity as an urban Indigenous person. A story that is both personal and poetic.
witch woman
Pixie Cram, Ontario, Animation, 5m
A stop-motion fairytale about a midwife, a young mother and a Witch Hunter.
coin slot
Scott Jones, Nova Scotia, Narrative, 17m
Coin Slot paints a portrait of a young man trying not to unravel as the anniversary of a traumatic attack looms ever closer. Moments are shown in fragments, revealing an honesty and vulnerability that transports, while capturing the many shades of trauma and healing.
warm blood
Sadie Angelina Waldman Segriff, Yukon Emerging, Dance, 3m
Warm Blood is a dance film installation with pre-recorded music by local artist Jeremy Parkin. Warm Blood explores the movement of the body in shadow work throughout the northern winter. It has glimpses of light and warmth that we so rarely get during the dark winter months. Warm blood was filmed on the Traditional and Current Territory of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation, the Ta'an Kwäch'än Council, and Champagne and Aishihik First Nation.
The Stream XII-II
Hiroya Sakurai, Japan, Non-narrative, 5m
In the artificial environment of the paddy field, water—an element of nature—follows the rules of the artificial. As a result, nature is made abstract, giving rise to a new form of beauty distinct from the natural state. I have expressed “stream” as a symbiotic cooperation between humans and nature..
Northern Comfort: A Drive Around Town
Mélanie Lameboy, Quebec, Documentary, 8m
Short documentary on life in Northern Quebec and the differences in living conditions between local Crees and non-Natives. A story of how being biracial and trilingual in Northern communities brings certain questions on the social dynamics between Crees and non-Natives living in Chisasibi. This film talks about encounters and discussions with non-Natives about the 3Ms of the North (misfits, missionaries, and money-makers) and how the subject of white fragility, white space and white saviour complex came into play.
Evgenia Arbugaeva, Maxim Arbugaev, Russion Federation, Documentary, 25m

On a remote coast of the Russian Arctic in a wind-battered hut, a lonely man waits to witness an ancient gathering. But warming seas and rising temperatures bring an unexpected change, and he soon finds himself overwhelmed.

11PM screening | beyond the aurora

Content Advisory: Some films in this screening deal with images and content of horror and violence. Content may not be suitable for all.
secret santa
Lynn Kristmanson, Newfoundland & Labrador, Animation, 10m

Robin is Santa’s biggest fan. It’s Christmas Eve and Robin has hatched a plan to stow away in Santa’s sleigh and hitch a ride to the North Pole. Won’t Santa be surprised! But it’s Robin who’ll be getting the surprise. Robin is about to find out that you should never meet your heroes.
Tova KrentzmaN, Yukon, Narrative, 4m
Tachlis: A Yiddish word meaning: the purpose, substance or heart of the matter.
it gets dark too early
Brooke Fusick, Yukon Emerging, Narrative, 9m
A tragicomedy that tells the story of Valerie, a young girl who seeks the company of a vampire in an attempt to deflect from trauma.
Bad fog create myth
Robert Brouillette, Jonathan-Serge Lalande, Yukon Emerging, Narrative, 3m
A dreamer answer the call of her ancestors to battle the king for the crown.
Hugo Sanz, Spain, Narrative, 9m
Two sisters, seven and eleven years old, are hiding inside a closet in a house. The little sister thinks they are rehearsing for a game but the older one knows that a terrible threat lurks outside..
The Peel Brothers, Yukon Emerging, Narrative, 6m
A story with 2 cookers and a pepper!
unborn biru
Inga Elin Marakatt, Norway, Narrative, 19m
A pregnant widow steals silver from a dead body, in order to survive and feed her daughter. But the silver is cursed, and it has consequences for all of them, including the unborn. Winner: The Tromso Palm Award



Nicholas Blachford, Nunavut, Animation, 1m
Iguttaq! A common fear in the north.
Enaanzowaad Awesiinyag
John-Paul Chalykoff, Ontario, Animation, 2m
“Enaanzowaad Awesiinyag” is a youth-friendly music video describing animals common to the Great Lakes in Anishinaabemowin, the Anishinaabe language.
Martha Nadine Hart, Yukon Youth, Animation, 2m
Work is hard, sometimes you just need to party!
final Flight
David Kativu, Alberta, Animation, 5m
A glimmer of light struggles to escape the grasp of a mysterious dark force.
klondike hockey dream
Rueben Huscroft, Yukon Youth, 4m
Dreams of the history of Dawson City and the Stanley Cup.
A winter in dawson
Ashlea, Alexis, Janelle, Jaymi, Yukon Youth, 4m
There’s beauty in the frozen images.
life of a sea turtle
Darrius McLeod-Wierda, Chaydon Dulotoan, Brody MacDonald-Dell, Katie Van Riesen,
Yukon Youth, 1m
The amazing life of a sea creature.
teen girls: the movie
Alexa Nagano, Kaya Fage, Tigoni Nunan, Kate McLeod-Wierda, Oliver Suitor, Roseanna Jansen, Yves Lamarche, Nanvy Jane, Alexis Moore, Rylan, Dunn, Katiure Van Riesen,
Yukon Youth, 2m

Inspired by Mean Girls.
Mafia Men
Scott, Joseph, Oliver, Chase, Yukon Youth, 3m
The underbelly of Dawson City.
peanut butter gump
Justin and Ange, Yukon Youth, 2m
It’s a dogs life.
Also screening will be a selection of films made in the 2023 Youth/Elders Video Camp.

3pm screening | FIRST EYES


Curated by Charles Atlas Sheppard
Tlingit samurai
Douglas Joe, Yukon Emerging, Narrative, 4m
A great warrior embarks on a journey seeking revenge for the death of his family.
Johnny Crow
Xstine Cook, Jesse Gouchey, Alberta, Animation, 7m
A poetic and transformative journey of a young man’s physical, mental, and spiritual struggle to return to his son through the criminal justice system and the layers of colonization it represents. Johnny Crow’s struggle speaks to the resilience of modern day warriors surviving and resisting bureaucratic battles of written laws vs oral traditions, Today’s resistance seeks to expose and correct treaty trickery, the dishonourable paper wars that are won and lost with the flick of a stock market digit.
Content warning : Strong Language
lii bufloo aen loo kishkishiw
Dianne Ouellette, Saskatchewan, Non-narrative, 5m
lii bufloo aen loo kishkishiw (buffalo wolf memory) honours the memory of the “buffalo wolves,” also known as the “prairie wolves,” who at one time thrived in the North American grasslands. Wolfers hunted the wolves to extinction by the turn of the 20th century. I reflect on the wolves extinction, distant memories of ancestors, lost language, and the bison who roam the grasslands today.
We are not speaking the same language
Danika St-Laurent, Saskatchewan, Documentary, 8m
Thinking back on her only phone call with her maternal grandmother, Danika explains her connection to her Indigenous identity (and her grandmother) through beadwork.
Len & His Spitfire
Noelle Duddridge. Saskacthewan, Documentary, 11m
As a young child of the 1920’s, Len sustained serious injuries from a dynamite blast cap. As a young adult, despite his disability, he enlisted in the fight against the Germans in World War II. Adventures and near deaths ensue, after he finds himself in the cockpit of a Spitfire.
Kokum, with love.
Kim Stadfeld, Ontario, Documentary, 12m
Flora Bear’s youngest granddaughter searches for truth and answers about her Indigenous grandmother’s life.
This short documentary is the filmmaker’s personal journey of discovery to honour her late grandmother’s life and understand her family history.
Medicine and Magic
TJ Cuthand, Sasakatchewan, Documentary, 5m
A two channel film about nehiyaw medicine and Scottish folk magic based on real events happening to Thirza’s Great Great Grandfather Misatimwas and a potential relative in Scotland who did not survive the Scottish Witch Hunts.
the water in me, recognizes you
Jaime Black, Manitoba, Non-narrative, 3m
the water in me, recognizes you, traces the interconnections between ourselves and the waters we are, the waters we come from and the waters that sustain us.
Ritchie Hemphill, Ryan HachÉ, BC, Animation, 17m
Tiny is a contemplative stop motion film which tells the story of ‘Nakwaxda’xw elder Colleen Hemphill’s childhood. The film portrays modern day Colleen as she reflects on her past, and re-enacts the stories she tells of her youth, as a young girl growing up on a float-house in the wild and unpredictable Pacific Northwest and its waters. As she retells her story, Colleen notices how different her way of life was when she was young, and how much more harmonious her community was with nature. The film aims to celebrate the life and identity of Colleen by sharing the gift of her presence and stories with audiences.

6PM screening | the confluence

screening sponsor
piece of solitude
Elaheh Ghomeishi, Iran, Animation, 10m
A lonely amnesic man lives in his paternal home. he has a habit of filling empty books with his beloved tokens of the past. during an event he remembers his childhood memories and a harmonica he lost. So, he starts to search for his lost harmonica.
birds nest
Nadia Louis-Desmarchais, Quebec, Narrative, 9m
Lena, a 7-year-old black girl receives a drawing mocking her hair. With the help of her big sister, they will spend the evening trying to make her beautiful like her classmates.
Emily Sheff, Marie Hammje, Yukon Emerging, 4m
A woman's journey of strength through emotional turmoil. After making a hard decision, she experiences a blur of loneliness and connectedness, distress and relief.
Content advisory for disturbing scenes.
Simon Plouffe, Quebec, Documentary, 16m
Eastern white pines submerged under the waters of a hydroelectric reservoir on unceded Innu territory transform into flames. This exploration between water and fire illustrates our current climate emergency through multiple stories about the relationship between a community and its land.
Keila Cepeda, Chile, Animation, 7M
The Chimborazo ice makers have submitted for hundreds of years to the harshness of this volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes in exchange for crushing a bit of its ice and thus providing for their people. Today it is a profession on the verge of extinction, if it were not for Baltazar Ushca. Despite his age, he walks for hours every day until he reaches the Chimborazo volcano glacier to extract huge blocks of ice that he then sells to the nearest city.
Xelîl Sehragerd, Kurdistan, Documentary, 14m
An old Kurdish man (Hussein Mahmood) who is a carpenter tries to make artificial legs for people who have lost their legs.


dream on leon
Roger GariÉpy, Quebec, Narrative, 8m

Léon is old, his body is letting him down. And so he sleeps. Yet above all, Léon dreams. Of love and sausages, of freedom and running wild. A real dog’s life.

8:30PM Screening | down river

Screening Sponsor

Municipal Relaxation Module
Matthew Rankin, Manitoba, Narrative, 6m
Ken has an idea for a bench. Content advisory: Strong Language
Kent Tate, BC, Non-Narrative, 4m
Ark describes a time when we had a front row seat where it seemed that we could see everything yet it felt as if we were seeing nothing at all. Over the years I’ve found fewer and fewer animals when I go out into nature to look at this or to film that. In the last year I haven’t found any wild animals and I’ve rarely heard any birds.
So where have all the other animals gone? What has happened to them and what is happening to us.
Basia Barb Hinton, Yukon Emerging, Dance, 6m
Honouring the Ukranian-Cree and Russian-Han historical cultural exchange that occurred while First Nations hosted immigrants and refugees on their territories in the Yukon and Prairies. The film was shot on the Yukon River ice bridge in Dawson City in 2022 at the start of the Russian war on Ukraine.
riverside queerness
Eric Plamondon, Manitoba, Documentary, 18m
Riverside Queerness reveals hard moments in the Prairies’ shadowed queer history. Three storytellers navigate muddy waters that is Manitoba’s subconsciousness; where truth is blurred by the power of the currents. Content advisory: implied violence, nudity, explicit sexual situations
women visiting A city
Enrique Buleo, Spain, Narrative, 15m

Three retired women are traveling by bus on their way to Europe. They have just been widowed and it is time to start living. They have spent their lives hearing about the wonders of tourism and are dying to experience it for themselves.

sorry Folks
Aubyn O’Grady, Yukon, Narrative, 4m
Even the best laid plans go awry in this tech focused world
Artless Collective, NWT, Documentary, 17m
“Gonàowo is knowledge of our way of life, it is our languiage which is drawn from the land It’s our culture and expression of who we are and encompasses all that it is to be Tlicho.” John B. Zoe
Starlight Sojourn
Chantal Rousseau & Darcy tara McDiarmid, Yukon, Animation, 4m
Starlight Sojourn is a collaborative animation created from watercolours, fluid acrylic paintings and digital imagery, featuring local fish, birds, and animals traversing a dreamlike night-time landscape.

11PM SCREENING | strange things done

Alejandro San Martín, Spain, Narrative, 6m
Several people at a given time, are in a situation in which they speak nonsense, only being able to verbalize a disjointed phrase. Society, in the face of ignorance, isolates them to proceed with their study.
Khachatur Vasilian, Ukraine, Narrative, 15m
A man wakes up naked in a field. There is nothing and no one around, just a lonely lighthouse and a tree. The man runs there for answers.
Content advisory: Nudity
guilty pleasure
Michał Orzechowski, Poland, Animation, 6m
At the edge of the forest stood a house inhabited by a married couple and two adult sons. The film begins during their ordinary existence. A ringing alarm clock indicates that it is time to start the show. Father and son Andrew start a theater for the mother. The second son, Stephen is awaiting the arrival of his partner. A girl on a motorcycle pulls up to the cottage. Stefan quickly puts on his suit and jumps out the window. The couple is leaving. Content warning: violence
senior year
Thomas Bullen, Gabriel Bullen, Yukon, Narrative, 25m
Senior Year is a visual album (aka a long-form music video), consisting of music by the Yukon band, Soda Pony. The six songs of the album, which embody the iconic musical style of garage rock duo Aiden Tentrees and Patrick Hamilton, guide a visual narrative which explores the many trials and tribulations of young adulthood. Youthful naiveté, awkward first dates, lessons gained and love lost, are all on the menu in this tragically humorous coming-of-age tale; with a generous side of fries.


12 PM Workshop
the future is now: virtual reality demo

Technologies & Techniques for Immersive and Interactive Installations with J/KLYNK
Digital media artist and experimental filmmaker J/KLYNK will show and discuss a number of the technologies and techniques they have learned and experimented with over the last year, and utilized in the creation of their piece DREDGE11[retrograde] and other recent works. These (may) include: Unity: is a video game engine which forms the backbone of the virtual reality experience.
Oculus Quest VR system: the physical headset and controllers used by the viewer to see and navigate the virtual world (generously provided by KIAC)
TouchDesigner: a node based visual programming language for real time interactive multimedia content.
Blender: a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software tool (used to make HELLO, WORLD)
Photogrammetry: the process of extracting 3D information from photographs. It involves taking overlapping photographs of an object, structure, or space, and converting them into 2D or 3D digital models via parallax.
Pythogrammetry: a technique that uses the internal chemistry of plants for the creation of images on photographic emulsion.
Artificial Intelligence: a field of science concerned with building computers and machines that can reason, learn, and act in such a way that would normally require human intelligence or that involves data whose scale exceeds what humans can analyze. I primarily focus on Stable Diffusion (text-to-image) and ChatGPT (text-to-text)
VCV Rack: a free and open-source cross-platform software modular synthesizer.




analogue film: thriving in the digital age

A show and tell of artists using analogue film.
An open discussion on the use of analogue film in current media production. Each panelist will show clips of their work and discus how they came to work with film and how the process works for them. It will explore the methods and processes of working in film, access to materials and equipment, and other technical processes as they apply to post production.
Panelists: Brittney Appleby, Suzanne Crocker, Ella Morton, Marie Sommer
Moderator: Lulu Keating

4PM SCREENING | out of the cold

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dirty laundry
Page Cowell, Yukon Emerging, Animation, 2m
An obnoxious, wealthy couple leave a trail of excess behind them everywhere they go. Someone comes along to collect and use it to wash their laundry and all the resources end up in the hands of the couple once again.
thought lab
Jon Gelinas, Yukon Emerging, Narrative, 4m
In this laboratory experiment, thought patterns are visualized through specialized goggles which display how different brains interpret the idea of ‘hot’.
Le Loon ranger des huard
Paul Davis, Yukon Emerging, Narrative, 23m
In Canada’s far North-West a library worker caught up in the opiod crisis, observes loons by bike, canoe and by snorkelling. But the Loons show up where they cannot possibly be...but can they survive the rapid water level changes of climate change?
Kyosyu (Longing for Home)
Kiyoshi Maguire, Lillian Nakamura Maguire, Yukon Emerging, Documentary, 6m
Upon the death of their father, a family finds closure and new insights through his films and photos from the 1930s to 1950s. These portray family life through their emigration from Japan to Canada, to their forced removal from B.C. in 1942, and creating a new home on the Prairies..
Emma Tom Tom, Yukon Emerging, Documentary, 15m
This short film presents the importance of local Yukon First Nations traditional knowledge, including stories from Trondëk Hwëchi’n elders, cultural teachings and climate change observations.
ancestral Rivers
Bobbi Rose Koe, Taylor Smith, Yukon, Documentary, 14m
An indigenous Youth River Guide Training canoe trip on the Peel River watershed brings ancient roots into the present.

Princess Street outside of KIAC

Listen to the music of ryan mcnally
while feasting on plates of perogies!
The music is free!
Plate of PEROgIES (gluten free option available) $8
Please buy your food ticket in advance.


7:30PM SCREENING | the goods are odd

screening sponsor
Don’t bring lulu
Lulu A Keating, Yukon, Animation, 5m
With the invitation to the party is the stipulation: “Don’t Bring Lulu”. A playful romp through women’s fight for equality.
the home team
Suzanne Crocker, Yukon, Documentary, 25m
New immigrants from hot climates embrace northern life in Dawson City while Dawson embraces cultural traditions of new immigrants - including the most northern cricket league!
Back Country hustle
Caroline Cox, NWT, Documentary, 13m
City boy and aspiring Northerner, Bran Ramsey, travels to Dawson City Yukon to meet Cud Eastbound. And artist and carpenter who built his off-grid home from supplies he found at the local landfill.
The Ballad of Caveman Bill
David Curtis, Yukon, Documentary, 50m
Caveman Bill has lived in a cave next to the Yukon River overlooking the town of Dawson City for 20+ years. This humorous documentary portrait explores one caveman’s resiliency, adaptability and sustainability.



Come reverse the atrophy you endured from sitting and watching short films all weekend by dancing at the Pit on Sunday night.
Be dazzled by questionable video performances and get greasy with some techno on this, the last day of the film fest.
The oracle suggests that it will be a swell time.
Organized by the (S)Hiver Arts Society