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In the window of the ODD Gallery (all weekend)

blóm + blód
(Icelandic for "flowers + blood")

Whitefeather Hunter, Canada, 8 min
In the landscape as laboratory/ studio. The artist navigates the autumnal terrain of Norðdurland vestra (Northwestern Iceland), collecting natural dye and fibre stuffs, using landscape elements as tools for making and experimenting with flora and fauna in the creation of a textile work. The end (textile) result is never shown, the emphasis being on process as the creative work in focus, and the acquisition of newknowledge as one of the results.

with Joel Penner


Delve into the fascinating worlds of stop-motion and time-lapse photography with Winnipeg-based natural history filmmaker Joel Penner (National Geographic, One Strange Rock) in this scanner photography workshop series. Workshops will be accessible to all skill levels. Participants will creatively direct and capture the growth of slime moulds, coax voracious earthworms into creating art and film the process of fermentation. Participants will also create stop-motion animations with coloured sand and create a short narrated stop-motion film with produce, flowers and more.

This session will be the final of 4 sessions with Joel Penner.
It is open to all.
Please join us to see the process and to view the work that was
created in this 2 week workshop.

“For much of my life I’ve had a love for plants and photography. A few years ago I had been playing around with time-lapse photography and scanner photography, and thought to combine the two. This technique has given me untold amounts of joy as I’ve meticulously studied the strange motions that thousands of plants have performed as they dry up.”

Funding provided by Yukon Economic Development/Yukon Media Development

Studio space provide by The Westminster Hotel.


Opening Reception

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Screening Sponsor: GOLDCORP

The Lure of Little Dawson

Ahmed Safyeldin/Tessa Rex, Egypt/Australia
2m, experimental
Newly arrived in Dawson City and using Robert Service’s poem and images of empty snow-laden houses to capture first impressions of the town.

Dear Hatetts

Kerry Barber, Yukon, 6m, Documentary
In the form of a letter, the filmmaker defends herself against her ex-lover’s family, who believe she lied about her endometriosis.

The Catch

Angela Edmunds, Yukon, 3m, animation
Fox and Raven are on a hunt for the best thing to attract their prey.

The Potato Cuff Bluff

Emile Bouffard, Chris Clarke, David Curtis, Charles Atlas Sheppard
Yukon, 5m, comedy
A sore shoulder and an evil plan for survival.

The 2017 Keno City Music Festival

Christopher Healey, Yukon, 24m, documentary
Forces converge to launch a music festival in the tiny and remote mining town of Keno City, Yukon.

Chant to the Power 100

Bill Burns, YT/ON, 7m, experimental
A day or three in the life of the artist. A walk through town to the lake, birds, zoo animals, cats, a fried egg with the chant of the 100 most powerful people in the art world as sound track.

Left Hand Path

Jessica Hall, Yukon, 14m, documentary
There are Wyrd things done in the Midnight Sun…The art, philosophy, and religion of James C. Kirby is explored while he creates a Magickal talisman using the ancient art of Lost Wax casting. A Black Magician, Artist and Magister Templi in the Temple of Set, a left hand path occult religion. A gemstone cutter, carver and fine jewellery maker, James crafts unique works in stone, bone and metal.

I Buck, You Stack

Krista Davis, Yukon, 7m, experimental
Using animation, live footage, text and a song, this film is an homage to the identity of Yukon Woman.

Balcony Mix

Meg Walker, Yukon, 3m, experimental
Sound from a balcony in Buenes Aires is dismantled and reassembled through a kaleiescopic northern mind.

Snake Hips Lulu

Lulu Keating, 3m, Yukon, documentary
When Lulu Keating moved to Dawson City, Yukon, she wondered if she might be the reincarnation of a dance hall girl of the Klondike Gold Rush, Snake Hips Lulu. Keating’s reflections on her life, and her devotion to the sexual revolution, reveal startling similarities.

Dawg Gone Cold

Peter Menzies/Jay Armitage, Yukon, 4m, animation
The temperature is -40C. It is cold and dark and bleak. But there is a light on down at the community hall! Only the hardiest of people will come out to the local coffee-house in the middle of winter because it is just, Dawg Gone Cold.

9:30pm UP RIVER


Ivar Aase, Norway, 7m, drama
When Herman (9) finds a videotape that his mother doesn’t want anyone to see, he gains the upper hand in the family’s power struggle. A dark comedy with a marriage at play, directed by the son in the house.

Skin for Skin

Carol Beecher/ Kevin D.A. Kurytnik, AB, 15m, animation
Skin for Skin is a dark allegory of greed and spiritual reckoning during the early days of the fur trade. In 1823, the Governor of the largest fur trading company in the world travels across his Dominion, extracting ever-greater riches from the winter bounty of animal furs. In his brutal world of profit and loss, animals are slaughtered to the brink of extinction until the balance of power shifts, and the forces of nature exact their own terrible price.


Kyath Battie, SK, 12m, experimental
Gaining elevation is a very complex concept. The higher we ascend, the more removed we are from normal everyday affairs, but the broader our gaze becomes, the more profound our sense of our situation in the world.
Lookout is a personal experimental documentary that examines this kind of elevation or ‘lookout’ through the discovery of human ashes atop a mountain, and a distinct, yet fragmented audio collage of 80’s mix cassette tapes.


Karen Pinette Fontaine, QC, 4m, drama
At nightfall, Karen decides to leave the party where a friend is in the process of losing herself. A life metaphor, this battlefield.


Sonya Ballantyne, MB, 11m, documentary
In Nosisim, Sonya Ballantyne learns of her grandmother’s traumatic past through a drawing titled ‘Virginia and Gladys’ by famed Indigenous artist Daphne Odjig. This masterful rendition of Sonya’s grandmother and mother, Virginia and Gladys George, was done shortly after they were forced from their home due to a man-made hydroelectric dam.

The Last Walk

Jerri Thrasher , NWT, 15m, drama
A sister sets out into the unforgiving land to find her sister, who has been banished from their community for negligence that ended tragically. The banished sister has battled depression since the great loss, causing her to isolate herself from her community. Knowing her sister lacks the skills to survive on her own, the sister attempts to forgive her and bring her home to continue their lives.


Ulla Laidlaw, BC, 21m, documentary
This piece charts the creative process of Indigenous women artists (including Tr’ondëk citizen Michelle Olson) who are seeking a shared language and discovering shared values in the creation of dance.


News From the Future

Christpher Healey, Yukon, 3m, experimental
Concerned with the idea of the Anthropocene as not only a physical environmental manifestation but a psychosomatic post-reality, this work is framed as a news transmission from the future with an ambiguous message. Is this communication from a Dystopian or Utopian future? Or is it fake news from the present—or maybe a malfunction? Warning: strobe effects


Tessa Hoffe, Norway, 14m, drama
Dinosaurs and denial...

Sweet Night

Jessie Short, 7m, MB, drama
Andy is a young Métis woman living in a big city. When a friend invites Andy to accompany her to a large city park where she introduces Andy to sweet grass, it sparks a night of interpersonal exploration and self-discovery, ultimately reconnecting Andy with her Indigenous roots.

There Lived the Colliers

Nelson MacDonald, NS, 7m, experimental
Between 1850 and 1920 thousands of wooden duplexs were built in Nova Scotia by coal companies to house the influx of workers from Europe and the Caribbean. Today, decades after the last coal mine closed, the houses remain. This short experimental documentary shot on 16mm relies on images of the simple homes to suggest the personality, resilience, hardship and history of the working-class people who have inhabited this place for the last 150 years.

Things you think I’m Thinking

Sherren Lee, 15m, ON, drama
A black male burn-survivor and amputee goes on a date with a regularly-abled man. After the bar, they go back to his apartment, where he faces his demons as he attempts to experience intimacy for the first time since his accident, ten years ago.

Gibraltor Point (transformed)

Penny McCann, ON, 6m, experimental
Erratic flashes of light spark across a flickering expanse of water and sky. Tranquility is disrupted by the random alchemy of hand-processing techniques, creating a landscape that transcends the observable. The image itself can’t be contained as light and debris spill outside the frame. From this, chaos emerges, edging into the sublime.


Julian Galese, BC, 7m, animation
We tend to better appreciate the values of light when we wake up somewhere different everyday.

Les Beiges

Étienne Lacelle, QC, 11m, documentary
Shifting between striking close-ups, intimate details, and cars spinning around a racetrack, Les Beiges delicately captures the world occupied by a group of car enthusiasts in St-Eustache, Québec.


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November 9-11, 2018
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