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An encore screening of films by Dawson City
filmmakers from the 2018 DCISFF.

The Catch

Angela Edmunds, Yukon, 3m, animation
Fox and Raven are on a hunt for the best thing to attract their prey.

Snake Hips Lulu

Lulu Keating, 3m, Yukon, documentary
When Lulu Keating moved to Dawson City, Yukon, she wondered if she might be the reincarnation of a dance hall girl of the Klondike Gold Rush, Snake Hips Lulu. Keating’s reflections on her life, and her devotion to the sexual revolution, reveal startling similarities.

Dear Hatetts

Kerry Barber, Yukon, 6m, Documentary
In the form of a letter, the filmmaker defends herself against her ex-lover’s family, who believe she lied about her endometriosis.


Dan Sokolowski, Yukon, 6m, Animation
Using live action and animation, a year in the life of a pond is recreated.

I Buck, You Stack

Krista Davis, Yukon, 7m, experimental
Using animation, live footage, text and a song, this film is an homage to the identity of Yukon Woman.

The Potato Cuff Bluff

Emile Bouffard, Chris Clarke, David Curtis, Charles Atlas Sheppard
Yukon, 5m, comedy
A sore shoulder and an evil plan for survival.

The 2017 Keno City Music Festival

Christopher Healey, Yukon, 24m, documentary
Forces converge to launch a music festival in the tiny and remote mining town of Keno City, Yukon.i


Dawg Gone Cold

Peter Menzies/Jay Armitage, Yukon, 4m, animation
The temperature is -40C. It is cold and dark and bleak. But there is a light on down at the community hall! Only the hardiest of people will come out to the local coffee-house in the middle of winter because it is just, Dawg Gone Cold.

Balcony Mix

Meg Walker, Yukon, 3m, experimental
Sound from a balcony in Buenes Aires is dismantled and reassembled through a kaleiescopic northern mind.

New in Town

Chloe Edbrooke, Marie-Claire Findaly Brook, Lucy Welsh, Jaimie Hale, Yukon, 5m, comedy
A nosey citizen of Dawson City spots a new person and follows them thorough the streets of town.

The Fiddler Player

Workshop, 3m, animation
A stream of conciousness creatde by the Joel Penner Time lapse scanner workshop.

American Dreams

Bobby Ronka, Yukon, 4m, experimental
Hot dog mayhem

Gold Fever

Christopher Healey & James Healey, Yukon 6m, drama
Are you thinking of joining the gold rush stampede heading to the Klondike?
Hoping to strike it rich? Watch this film first! You’re gonna dig it!

The Subarctic Zone

Ange Bonnici, Yukon, 5m, drama
It is deep winter in Dawson City, Yukon, a small subarctic town in the middle of nowhere. The days are short, the temperature frigid. A man is at home alone, reading in his room. And he is not expecting any visitors...

Off the Hook

Justine Hobbs, Yukon, 5m, drama
Four women, out on a therapeutic wilderness retreat, put their demons to rest.

Deep Space Dredge

Jay Armitage, Yukonexer, 10m, animation
When mankind decides to prospect and mine the deep reaches of space – who better to tackle this challenge than the resourceful citizens of Dawson City, Yukon.


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November 9-11, 2018
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