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Thursday, April 9, 7pm
Stand and Deliver

A personal reflection on the past nine years of the DCISFF
There is no way to honour nine years of expansive cinematic experiences into 100 minutes of screen time without becoming desperate as you sacrifice one darling after another to meet your temporal goal.
Choosing my favourite films from hundreds screened over the past nine years was a painful exercise that I will gladly never have to do again.
I hope you get as much from these films as I have. This program of shorts is an homage to the what I love most about good film — it leaves you in wonder of it all.
David Curtis

My Name is Pochsy: An Industrial Film
Karen Hines, Alberta, 2008, 7m
Pochsy works at Mercury Packers ... where she packs mercury. All alone on a stark but spectacular northern industrial landscape, Pochsy muses about life, taxes and the future of the human soul. A satirical, subversive ode to the industrial film genre.


Francois Perreault, Quebec, 2008, 8m
An old man has a strange dream that leads him and his grandson back to their ancestor’s land.

Adaygooay Brought the Caribou Back

Mary Code, Yukon, 2007, 6m
Aydaygooay had power nobody knew... and he brought the caribou back. A Dene legend told by combining live action and animation.


Ole Giaever, Norway, 2007, 10m
Arild runs into Kjell the father of a former classmate, by accident,. Controversies surface as Kjell confronts Arild with issues from the past.

Trygve with His Heart in the Mailbox

Mariken Halle, 2006, Norway, 15m
Trygve is 12 and Ethiopian. He lives in an odd and hilarious small
Norwegian town.

At the Quinte Hotel

Bruce Alcock, 2006, BC, 4m
A fluid, vibrant and kinetic animation of one of Al Purdy’s best-known

A Life to Live

Maciej Adamek, Poland, 2005, 20m
A heart-warming and intimate film about blind children preparing
for an independent life. As they learn everyday activities,
they express their hopes and dreams.


Veronica Verkley, Ontario, 2005, 5m
A beautiful stop-motion animation of a person and a dog in a boat, on a sea of thousands of glass beads.


Marian Crisan, Romania, 2004, 5m
An empty field covered by snow. A man comes running toward you.

The Terms

Johnny O’Reilly, Ireland, 2003, 12 m
When a son burns down his father’s caravan, the father forces him into
a convoluted and bizarre pact.

Crummy 841

Sheldon Norton, Ontario, 2000, 16m
A veteran train brakeman suffers an accident. As he lies on the ground,
he reflects on his years of work and rules for railway workers.


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