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Saturday 2-3:30pm
Youth Screening

At SOVA (3rd and Queen) FREE!


Kate Crocker, Dawson City, 2009, animation, 1m
The sun gets her wish. (Yukon Youth)

Builder vs. Shark

Sam Crocker, Dawson City, 2009, animation, 2m
A hard working builder is pestered by an opera singing shark.
(Yukon Youth)


Brian Sinasac, Ontario, 2008, animation, 2m
Ready for his base jump, Dan, perched high above the desert floor, leaps into the open sky. Malfunctioning equipment means certain doom for our daredevil, who can only be saved by the use of his head.

The Deep

Eric Best, USA, 2008, animation, 5m
The Deep is an international and family collaboration based on a poem and self-published book written by Eric Best for his daughter while he was sailing alone from Hawaii to San Francisco. Simple animation, whimsical music and the voice of the daughter (now grown) muse on possibilities that lie below the surface of the ocean.

Way Home

Erick Oh, South Korea, 2009, animation, 9m
The story of a fly, a dung beetle and a farmer.

Fat Cat

Kate Crocker, Dawson City, 2009, experimental, 2m
A fat cat tries to find exercise during a cold Dawson winter. (Yukon Youth)

Zee Skydive

Emile Bouffard & Luke Holland, Dawson City, 2009, animation, 1m
An animated portrait of a skydive. (Yukon Youth)

Killer Owl
Tantalus School, Carmacks, 2008, animation, 3m
Claymation of a Northern Tutchone story. (Yukon Youth)

Craw Kraw Craw

Stanley Grafton Njootli, Old Crow, 2008, animation, 1m
Teaching my son Gwich’in language.

Le vol parfait (The Perfect Theft)

(French with English subtitles), 2008, 10m
Conceptualized, written, produced, co-directed and edited by grades 7/8 Enriched French (EFPP) at Robert Service School, Dawson City.
Co-director: Marie-Eve Owen, original music by Alicyn Hunter
A colourful gang of charismatic robbers reunites after prison has separated them for a year. In a twisted turn of events, the thieves manage to cause some collateral damage, trick the police and even trick each other in a whirlwind of confusion and comedy.

Little Brown Bat

Peter Menzies, Dawson City, 2009, animation, 4m
Animation based on a song published by Steve Slade and North Klondike Highway Music Society’s “Learn by Heart” CD.

Sock Hop

Suzanne Crocker, Dawson City, 2009, animation, 2m
The answer to the mystery of the missing socks.

How People Got Fire

Daniel Janke, Yukon, 2008, animation, 14m
This NFB animated film tells the gentle story of a young girl’s journey of discovery and empowerment. A second internal story tells quite literally how people got fire, and remains true to the language used by elder, Kitty Smith, when she told the story to her family, a story-telling tradition more than 10,000 years old.

Nuclear Isolation

Stuart & Brian Leary, Madelaine Caws, Dawson City, 2008, thriller, 3m
The aftermath of a nuclear explosion in Dawson City. (Yukon Youth) DIRECTORS IN ATTENDANCE

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November 9-11, 2018
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