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Friday April 10, 10:30 pm
Strange Things Done


Darryl Nepinak, Manitoba, 2007, comedy, 2m
A spelling bee of historic proportions.

Cattle Call

Matthew Rankin & Mike Maryniuk, Manitoba, 2008, animation, 4m
Auctioneers and animation collide in this explosive
introduction to the Winnipeg stockyards.

Back to the Fuschia

Toby Roberts, United Kingdom, 2008, experimental, 3m
In their garden of love he was sewing seeds of doubt, laced with jealousy. But she had ripe manure to feed his trust and, hopefully, help their relationship flower.


Jennifer Hardacker, USA, 2008, experimental, 10m
The life of a garden after dark: Balinese dancers sway on the petals of clematis flowers, Russian singers perform in a calla lily. In Nightgardener, disparate images that capture an idea about the humanity of the world play on floral screens.

The Slasher’s Ring

Andy Crowther, Yukon, 2009, thriller, 10m
Max is on the hunt for the ultimate scary movie. What seems like a routine trip to a mysterious video store ends up with Max coming face to face with his own fears. DIRECTOR IN ATTENDANCE

I Slept with Cookie Monster

Kara Nasdor-Jones,USA, 2008, animation, 4m
This film details a woman’s struggle with, and triumph over,
domestic violence.


Trevor Anderson, Alberta, 2008, comedy, 13m
A dissatisfied bar waiter in a men’s burlesque club is thrown back in time to relive a day from his childhood — in short-shorts.


Kim Lysgaard Anderson, Denmark, 2008, drama, 19m
A mother struggles with the loss of her son.

Whittemore Park

Brian Stockton, Saskatchewan, 2008, documentary, 8m
Filled with ruminations about “the future,” strange performance art projects from grade four, and the beginnings of life as a filmmaker, Whittemore Park transcends the neighbourhood and revels in the ‘epic’ story of life in the suburbs.

Green Door

SEMI CHELLAS, Ontario, 2008, drama, 13m
Brenda loves Rob. Rhonda also loves Rob. Bob loves Rhonda. And Darrell... well, Darrell just needs an apartment. Starring Tracy Wright and Don McKellar, this comedic tale explores mistaken identities,
rental living and unrequited love.

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