and to the film HOT NUTS by
Moriah Mac Millian, Vivian Belik, Meagan Duelling, Genevieve Doyon
Winner of all three awards!!!
(Audience favourite, Dawson City and Whitehorse and the judges selection for best film!)

Kudos toall the other filmmakers for a great slate of films!

Eh! – Pit Stop Collective (Eh)

Seeing Eye Dog – Tess Crocker (Maple Syrup + being polite)

Ugly Baby – Heidi Loos (Gordon Light foor and Canadian Invention)

Is Anybody Home - Peter Menzies (Gordon Lightfoot + Notable Canadian Invention)

The Chair – Sarah Nyland, Jack Amos and Kate Crocker (Mounties vs Zamboni )

Monty – Lee Caruthers (Moose and Toques)

Bait Politico – Sarah Preiksaitis (Any Canadian Politician & Plaid)

Beaver & Duct Tape – Olivia Mater (Beaver & Duct Tape)

Are you gonna eat that - Diego Martin (Canadian culinary)

Walter Chell – Bailey Staffen, Darren Susin, Andrew Stratis, Taylor Tiefenbach
(2.5 minute Canadian Heritage Minute)

Beckon – Dez Loreen (Inuvik) All that and a bag a cheezies ( Canadian inventions )

Hairvest – Lulu Keating (Beaver + Duct Tape)

Block-unblock - Meg Walker
(Don’t mess with Chrétien - great moments in Canadian politics)

Sundown – James Healy (Canadian Accents + any Canadian song)

La Dawsonee - The Making of SUNDOWN -
Chris Healy (This 2.5 minutes has 22 minutes)

Le Sigh – Moira Sauer
(Are you gonna eat that- canadian Cuisine)

Whitehorse Confessions – Matthew Grindsatff and Liundsey Johnson
(Maple syrup and being overly polite)

Tales of the Pyschopomp - David Curtis (Ontario vs Quebec)



Andrew Seymour
Yukon Film Society

Dawson City
an Sokolowski
Klondike Institute of
Art and Culture

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