Make a film in 48 Hours
November 5-7, 2021

Congratulations to all the filmmakers who submitted a record 35 films to the challenge!

We will be having a in person screening at the Dënäkär Zho Ballroom on
December 18th at 7:30pm. (doors at 7)

Admision is by donation at the door. Due to limited seating you must book a seat in advance.
A link will be posted starting December 13th. Click here. Vaccine passports will be required for entry.

Best Films

I, New God by Robert Robert Brouilette

Menty B by Maria Sol Suarez Martinez

Honourable Mentions

Harshama by Tova Krentzman

Stop Looking and Listen by Cud Eastbound

Dawson City Audience Favourite

Skeletons in the Closet by Bobby Ronka


This year we are inviting our participants to also be included in the Canada Wide The 48FilmFest (
2 films from the Yukon will go on to compete at a Canada wide event with a Spring 2022 Screening at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto.


These were the rules

Canada wide participants will be given a list of 5 “keys” that must be included in their film.
(Yukon only participants will be given 1 key)

• Filmmakers may work individually or in teams
• There is no age restriction to enter the competition
• The films may be of any genre (drama, documentary, comedy, experimental, animation)
• No previously shot footage may be used
• Maximum length 4 min. (There is no minimum length)
• 50% discount on YFS/KIAC Equipment for 48 Challenge productions
If booking YFS Equipment from Dawson please book in advance to allow for shipping time
• No pornographic or inappropriate material will be accepted
• Please adhere to safe spacing practices and other COVID19 protocols as mandated by the Yukon Chief Medical Officer.
• All films must acknowledge the Yukon Film Society (YFS) and the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC) in their credits. (logos below)


The competition begins at 5:30 pm on Friday, November 5, 2021.
Participants will be given 48 hours from the time of registration.

Participants will be given a list of 5 “keys” that must be included in their film
(Yukon only participants will be given 1 key) at the time of registration.

Films can be delivered/links sent to KIAC or the YFS starting on Sunday, November 7. Drop off films at the KIAC office on Sunday between 5 and 6pm or Email a download link to For YFS entrants email download link to or drop off the films at the office between 3pm to 6pm. Please keep your links private until after the screenings.

Participants outside the Whitehorse or Dawson area may participate and can upload their film to You Tube or Vimeo or send them to us via an ftp site. We must have the link by the deadline on Sunday. Please do not make your link public.

All films wil be screened on November 13th in Whitehorse and Dawson City.
Tickets will be available online.

Equipment is the responsibility of the entrant, however a 50% discount on YFS and KIAC equipment is available for 48 Challenge productions. (YFS and/or KIAC Membership is required.)

All material used in the films must be owned by the filmmaker. Any copyrighted materials included in the work must have been legally cleared for use. KIAC/YFS are permitted to retain an archive copy of your production for the purposes of promotion for future events.

All films will be shown at screenings in Whitehorse and Dawson City on November 13, 2021.2 winning entries will be decided upon by a jury. The winning entries will be screened at the 2022 Dawson City International Short Film Festival and the 2022 Available Light Film Festival and will participate in the Canada wide The48FilmFest in Spring2022.Two Audience Awards will also be presented, voted on by the Whitehorse and Dawson audiences.

The Yukon Film Society and the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture are not liable for any costs, damages, injuries or liabilities that may occur during the making of your film.

Entry Form

Logos for acknowledgement. (Click on image and "save image as")

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